While Pennsylvania has a wealth of nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and industry leaders, the state recently lacked a single location to find comprehensive technical and nontechnical information about water use and conservation. To address this need, and to help the public improve its water conservation efforts, Save Water PA was created as a new statewide, nonprofit organization.

The need for such an organization was highlighted in Section 3120(a) of the Water Resources Planning Act of Pennsylvania (Act 220), which was passed in December 2002. Act 220 stated that a water resources technical assistance center should be established, and that oversight and functional responsibility should rest with an executive board whose membership would include representatives from the private sector, academia, and government.

Act 220 also gave Save Water PA clear tasks, and those tasks guide the development of programs, products, and services that the organization will offer its constituents. In early 2007, a Water Conservation Subcommittee of the statewide Water Resources Committee was formed to assist the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in establishing an organization that could serve as an authoritative source of technical and nontechnical water use and conservation information. The Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) also received a Growing Greener grant from DEP to develop a plan of action for establishing the organization. The State Water Plan, approved by DEP Secretary John Hanger on January 28, 2009, replaces an outdated plan completed in 1983. Language in the plan described the purpose and goals of Save Water PA in greater detail.

Save Water PA was created in late 2010 as a 501c3 non-profit organization, registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It was also registered as a 509a "supporting organization" of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. This relationship will provide a critical partnership at the beginning as we work to establish this new organization. Our mission, to encourage the efficient use of water resources in Pennsylvania by providing comprehensive information and resources on water conservation and use, strongly overlaps with PEC's water resource conservation goals and strategies.